Does Your Loved One Need Home Care Live-In Aides?

There may come a day in which you can no longer provide the type of care that your loved one needs. LEarn how home health care can help.

Does Your Loved One Need Home Care Live-In Aides?

Does Your Loved One Need Home Care Live-In Aides?

22 January 2021
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As your loved one gets older and less able to care for themselves, you might start to worry about their well-being when you and other family members are not around. However, if you cannot afford to take care of your loved one all the time and you have your own family to care for, you may be looking into your options. How do you know if your loved one should have home care live-in aides or if they can live alone with periodic check-ins?

Here is a guide that can help you determine if your loved one should have live-in care. Use one or all of the following tips that your loved one may be in need of something more permanent, such as home care live-in aides.

Neighbors have expressed concern

Sometimes it's someone outside the family who notices the oddities that occur with your loved one. Ask neighbors if they have noticed strange behaviors with your loved on that appear out of their norm, like standing outside their home confused, not checking their mail when they used to check the mail more frequently, or doing odd things in the garden. Neighbors may also notice loud music or television noise or feel compelled to check on your loved one more often than you know; just ask and you'll likely find out more than you think you would.

Your loved one won't let you inside

If your loved one won't you in their house or they will only let you in certain areas of the home and won't let you in the bathroom, bedroom, or the kitchen area, you should be concerned. When your loved one is unable to care for themselves and they let their house go, they might be worried that you'll find out. Consider home care live-in aides if your loved one is no longer letting you in the house and they're starting to get aggressive or standoffish about it.

Your loved one is ailing

Be especially adamant about getting your loved one more constant care if they have health issues that are on the decline. Your loved one may be in pain, may not be taking their pills, or they may have other issues that are causing them to become rapidly ill. The sooner you get them the professional care they need, the better. 24-hour home care can help keep your loved one healthy and comfortable as they age, even if their health doesn't improve right away.

Speak to your loved one's doctor to see if home care live-in aides are best for your loved one. This way, you can have peace of mind knowing you're getting input from more than just your family.  

For more information about home care live-in aides, contact a local home care company that offers this service, like Mid-Hudson Managed Home Care Inc.

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